Emergency Aid For IDPs( DISTRICT Nowshera & Peshawer)





Project Title : Emergency Aid for IDPs from Khyber Agency ( Districts Nowshera & Peshawer)
Fundind Agency :Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe(DKH)
Project Cost : 319,149 $
Project Background

War on terror has engulfed many countries around the globe. The sufferings of the human being affected by this war seem to be never ending. The conflict has recorded rapid growth for it being multi dimensional with clash of beliefs as a major driving force in resisting the dominance and repercussions of actions of few ripples down to common people who are not aware of what, why and how it happened.
The Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from one of such conflict are from the Khyber Agency in FATA. These people had been living since centuries with deep-rooted traditions including the justice system and rights to earn through whatever means they felt was necessary that did not affect their system and people. Since independence in 1947, these people have been extended with special privileges by the government under the agreement reached between the tribal elders and the founder of the nation.
The war against terror, being fought in Afghanistan, gradually reached Pakistan. The “Tribals” settled in the bordering areas were the first one to taste the horrors of the war. It is a general perception among the masses that they were suffering from the war which they did not start and thus did not own. In order to confine and crush the militants who have taken up arms against the government and have made lives of people difficult, the government launched military operation in Khyber Agency some three years back and which is still continuing. Due to resistance against the operation, the security situation of the province remains volatile. Incidents of deadly attacks on government functionaries and its sensitive installations, diplomats and sometimes on common people are frequent. In numerous incidents, UN, INGOs and NGOs personnel have been attacked, abducted and threatened while some lost their lives in the line of duty which further increases the risk of implementing projects and reaching the communities in need.
The majority of the peace loving people living a normal life in Khyber Agency were forced to leave the area and shift to Peshawar, Nowshera and other locations. They were given support and shelter by the permanently settled people in and around Peshawar, Nowshera, Charsadda and Mardan. UN, INGOs and NGOs immediately became active and tried to help and support them with whatever resources they had.
Social Efforts for Education & Development (SEED) also stepped forward for their support and carried out in-depth need assessment survey of IDPs and conceived a short-term project catering to basic needs oof the IDPs and the host families who have been supporting these IDPs through their meager resources.

Project Goal
Flood-affected people in D.I.Khan provided permanent shelters.
Project Achievement
10 men and 10 women ABGs were formed against targeted 7 each. These ABGs were oriented in project objectives and used in identifying the potential beneficiaries as per the criterion. Community mobilization, selection of final recipients of project inputs, verification of cask for work tasks, supervision of tanks and latrines installation and delivery of water through tankers was the major tasks performed by these ABGs besides coordination with SEED.
850 water tanks, 850 stands and 850 latrines sets were provided to the IDP families as planned and all these items were duly installed. At Maira, due to the traditional factor, the men refused to allow their women to provide thumb impressions and collect cash for work money. Instead of 76, only 44 women received payment under cash for work. Similarly, Afridiabad was dropped due to security concerns and whatever payment was made till the day of decision was taken as final. In men, 22 households remained did not receive any payment under cash for work. Hence a total of 1,654 men against a total of 1,700 and 779 women against target of 850 received payments under cash for work.

Health and hygiene kits were distributed to all 850 IDP households. The results of KAP Survey clearly show the improvement project interventions have brought I the lives of these IDPs.




Project Location

Dag Ismail Khel, Dag Besud, Jalozai Nowshera & Shahbkhel, Shiekh Muhammadi, Pishtakhara Peshawar

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