Case Study


Bakho Mai

This story is about Bakho Mai, who lives in village Bhirki. Bakho Mai belongs to a very poor........... Read More

Bakht Sawai

Bakht Sawai is a 59 years old widow living with her mentally disabled daughter in single mud ..... Read More

  This story is about a 51 years old Bakhtawar living in Village Jhok Machi Gharbi with his wife........ Read More
Ghulam Hassan
  This is a short story about Ghulam Hassan who is very aged and also a victim of Asthma. During........ Read More
Gulfaam Bibi
  Village Aryan Kot, locally known as ALYAN, Union Council Tarnab is situated to the North-West of ..... Read More
Haq Nawaz
  Haq Nawaz 62 year old is a blind man living in Cha Kate Wala with his family. Due to the 2010 ..... Read More









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