Construction of Disaster-Resistant Houses For Extremely Vulnerable People Affected by the flood of 2010.





Project Title : Construction of Disaster-resistant houses for extremely vulnerable people affected by the flood of 2010
Fundind Agency : Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH)
Project Cost : 899,607 $
Project Introduction

The devastating obliteration was caused by unpredicted floods of the River Kabul, Bara River and Regi Khwar Nullah in Peshawar. Large number of population living along the banks of these rivers resided in mud houses and the majority of such houses were damaged / destroyed by the floods in August 2008. The affected people were still busy in putting all possible means together to rebuild what was lost when the floods hit them again in 2010. Since most of these houses belonged to the poor and very poor people, they have no resources to reconstruct their houses even by using the cheapest construction material available in the local market.

The floods have damaged 6,955 of the total houses in the district. Out of these damaged houses, 2,050 are in UC Nahqi. Majority of the houses damaged are ‘katcha’ [mud-made] and most of the residents reported by the government can be classified as poor.

Based on the assessment carried out by SEED, most vulnerable groups and households will be identified. A final list of beneficiary households will be prepared including women-headed, poor, tenants with own land, tenant with land of the landlord and households with handicapped persons. The proposed housing project will directly benefit 605 persons by reconstruction of their houses. Furthermore, about 1,500 persons will directly benefit from the construction activity while 75 will gain by learning the new skills in house construction and receiving remunerations during the implementation period. Once trained in the flood and earthquake resilient construction, they will have increased possibilities on the job for skilled and unskilled construction workers. Over 6,000 persons within the proposed UC are expected to indirectly benefit from demonstration of disaster-resistant techniques through the construction of these houses and through the available services of 75 trained persons. 

Project Goal
Rehabilitation : To reduce extreme poverty ,vulnerability of affected people in Pakistan
Project Location


Union Council Nahqi, Tehsil and District Peshawar



Social Efforts for Education & Development (SEED)
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