Disaster-Resistant Rehabilitation of Housing, WASH, Livelihood and DRR for extremely vulnerable people affected by the flood






Project Title : Disaster-resistant rehabilitation of Housing, WASH, Livelihood and DRR for extremely vulnerable people affected by the floods of 2010

Fundind Agency : Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH)
Project Cost : 821,925 $
Project Period : August 2012 to July 2013
Project Introduction

Flood of August 2010 has overwhelmingly affected people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Charsadda is the smallest geographically yet densely populated district of the province. A total of 28,270 houses were affected by the floods out of which 13,987 were fully destroyed. Union Council Mirza Dher is among one of the worst-hit UC of the district. Three main villages namely Jurra, Dildar Garhi and Mirza Dher and their hamlets are with higher percentage of destroyed houses and other facilities. Jurra has 129 households out of which 68 (52.7%) were fully damaged, 26 (20.1%) were partially damaged while the remaining 35 (27.1%) remained unaffected. In village Dildar Garhi, out of a total of 700 households, 220 (31.4%) were damaged beyond repairs while the remaining 480 (68.5%) were partially affected. In village Mirza Dher the situation was not much different. Out of a total of 246  households, 143 (58.1%) were fully damaged while the remaining 103 (41.8%) households were partially affected. Local people having meagre financial resources do not have the capacity to rebuild their homes. Very little intervention of the national and international organizations has been witnessed in this sector. To protect their families from the harshness of weather, locals rebuild their homes by resorting to the inferior reconstruction options. 20-25% of the damaged houses have still not been reconstructed.

The Project plans to revamp human behaviors through specially designed interventions to reach to at least 58,505 beneficiaries through 800 Health & Hygiene messages, delivery of 2,000 Health & Hygiene Kits, distribution of 4,000 jerry cans for storage of clean drinking water, reconstruction of 365 household-based flood-affected latrines, rehabilitation of 50 household and communal latrines, sharing and explanation of IEC material, sinking of 30 hand pumps, improvement of over 7,000 feet of drains and reconstruction of 61 fully damaged houses for flood victims.. Project will be implemented from 15th August 2012 till 14th July 2013.


Project Location

Villages, Jura, Dildar Ghari, Mirza Dher in Union Council Mirza Dher, Tehsil and District Charsadda

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