Informal Education For Out of School and Working Children





Project Title : Informal Education For Out of School and Working Children
Fundind Agency : SEED Own Resourses
Project Cost : 51,786 $
Project Introduction

Enhancing literacy, in the prevailing circumstances is animperative; because not only a high number of children are out of school, but also
because majority of the adults are illiterate. The worst hit in this regard is the women. Therefore an all front attack against women poverty and illiteracy is the clarion call of the day. A program that will make the women literate and enable her to learn essential life skills and be able to do a job within the confines of the home- to earn some extra rupees to support the household budget will pave the way for future generations’ education and development. The life skills includes the essential skills that enable a women to live her life more productively such as reading a letter and or a utility bill or fill a form. Every girl/women is a mother or is going to become a mother. Therefore she must know how to take care of her as well as her child’s health. This is the good reason that the project suggested that each women should know the skill of mother and child health care.

Every woman after doing her household chores has extra time. Utilizing that time productively would alleviate her poverty and enable the children to go to school, which would result, in the long term and in sustainable manners. All the above skills of literacy, life skills and vocational skill, inculcated in women, were deemed to rehabilitate and empower her.

Details of the schools established

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