Mosaic Mosaic Training





Project Title : Marble Mosaic Training
Fundind Agency : AHAN
Project Cost : 26,280 $
Project Introduction

AHAN is focused on providing much needed help in non-traditional work opportunities in the rural areas by adopting and indigenizing the One Village One Product concept. To achieve the said objectives AHAN intervenes through capacity building of artisans in terms of providing them technical help, build marketing linkages & enhanced marketing, building financial linkages, and provide design related input through engaging top designers of the country. AHAN initiatives are mostly carried out in collaboration with partner organizations including government agencies, donors and other NGOs.

SEED/AHAN collaboration was therefore agreed upon to ensure an effective and sustainable intervention to develop of skilled people who will be able to earn a respectable income for themselves utilizing their skills. It was for this purpose that SEED/AHAN launched Marble Mosaic Making project.

The Marble Mosaic Project carried out under SEED/AHAN collaboration focused on the development of income earning mechanisms for the selected community groups through skill enhancement trainings and capacity building initiatives.

Project Goal

The Goal of the project was to build the capacity of the artisans to produce quality handmade products and thus provide them with a source of earning their livelihood. The trainings on marble mosaic making were developed by AHAN in a comprehensive manner so as to build the capacity of the trainees to an optimum level for this purpose.

Project Achievement

During the training, the trainee passed the following phases successfully:

  • Combination of colors
  • Drawing and sketching.
  • Cutting and gluing marbles.
  • Design framing.
  • Combination of colors
  • Geometrical forms
  • Mosaic medallions
  • Flower mosaic
  • Mosaic landscape
  • Mosaic portrait
Project Location
Sohbatabad Mardan



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