Provision & Maintenance Of WASH Facilities At Sector 5 & 6 jalozai Camp





Project Title : Provision & Maintenance of WASH Facilities at Sector 5 & 6 jalozai Camp
Fundind Agency : UNICEF
Project Cost : 821,925 $
Project Introduction
This project is meant to provide safe and affordable drinking water, sanitation and hygiene to the IDP’s living in IDP camp jalozai phase 5 and phase 6. The project involve hardware and software components: hardware through installation, maintenance , replacement(where needed)of water and sanitation (latrines, bathing/washing pads, storage Tanks)facilities: software through hygiene sessions on promotion of safe hygiene practices , Education, Communication (IEC) and interpersonal communication (IPC)within the framework of the UNICEF core commitments for children(CCC) in emergency and as per SPHERE standards.
The project aims at:

Safe drinking water availability to 9,010 IDP’s or 1,830 families residing in phase 4 and 5 of jalozai camp Nowshera through maintenance/installation of (202) water storage tanks with communal stand posts and drainage facilities

Adequate sanitation facilities for the IDP’s to 9,010 IDP’s or 1,830 families through maintenance/construction of (745) latrines and (356) bathing places, (197) washing pads and (48) laundry places at jalozai camp Nowshera,(61) Solid waste management facilities will be provided in the camp settlement with proper collection and disposal mechanism.
Hygiene Education and Awareness on SEED practices through regular hygiene sessions and comer meetings (latrine use, use of safe water and personal and domestic hygiene) besides distribution of hygiene kits, jerry cans etc.
After repatriation of IDP’s decommissioning of 224 latrines, 107 bathing places , 61 washing pads, 59 laundry places and pipe networking in two phases(phase 6 & (50% of)5 of jalozai Camp
Project Location

Jalozai Camp , Nowshera
Social Efforts for Education & Development (SEED)
Flat No. 615-616, 6th Floor, Sheikh Yaseen Trade Centre, University Road, Peshawar - 25000 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa PAKISTAN
Telephone: 0092 91 570 0066, Email: