Provision of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services for the conflict- affected IDPs in host communities of District D.I.Khan KPK





Project Title :Provision of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services for the conflict- affected IDPs in host communities of District Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Fundind Agency : UNICEF
Project Cost : 644,20 $
Project Duration : July 16th 2012 to 17th December 2012
Project Introduction

In pursuance of the overall objective of providing relief to the conflict-affected persons, the Project aims at reaching out to 10,000 such families (70,000 IDPs) from South Waziristan Agency through WASH interventions. In addition, another 5,000 host families (35,000 individuals) presently living in Tehsils D I Khan, Parova and Paharpur in District Dera Ismail Khan will also benefit from the project. The proposed target areas have been selected keeping in view the latest concentration of IDPs and the need for intervention in WASH Sector. 

SEED with the support of UNICEF plans to implement the “Provision of WASH Services to the conflict affected IDPs in host communities of DI Khan KP” Project with a view to preventing and reducing the incidence of water and sanitation related diseases among an estimated target of 15,000 families (10,000 IDP families and 5,000 hosting families). The proposed project is a blend of both soft and hard activities. Under hard component activities such as installation of pressure/hand pumps for clean drinking water, rehabilitation of WASH facilities in the selected schools and BHUs will be carried out whereas the soft component will largely revolve around Health & Hygiene Promotion through H&H sessions and use of appropriate IEC material for bringing about a behavioral change. These activities will equally target men, women and children in the proposed area within the framework of UNICEF’s Core Commitment for Children (CCC) in emergency. The major objectives of the project are summarized below:

  • Provision of clean water to 15,000 families (10,000 IDPs and 5,000 host families) through the installation of submersible pressure/hand pumps in the proposed UCs of district DI Khan;
  • Rehabilitation of WASH facilities in 20 Govt schools benefitting approximately 4,000 children;
  • Rehabilitation of WASH facilities in 7 BHUs facilitating more than 4,900 people visiting these facilities for treatment; and
  • Health and hygiene awareness among the men, women and children of the proposed UCs of DI Khan.


Project Location

Social Efforts for Education & Development (SEED)
Flat No. 615-616, 6th Floor, Sheikh Yaseen Trade Centre, University Road, Peshawar - 25000 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa PAKISTAN
Telephone: 0092 91 570 0066, Email: